Innovative School Management Software Designed For Tuition & Education Centres

Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed specially for the needs of tuition and education centres in Singapore. Get everything you need to manage and grow your centre the smart way.

How Edulabs School Management System Helps Your Education Centre Succeed


Save Precious Time

Save countless hours in admin work with features like lesson scheduling, attendance taking, invoicing, tutor payroll and more. Access your data on-the-go.

Know Your Numbers

Do better business planning from better managing invoices & payments received, student numbers, classroom availability and calculation of tutor payroll.

Update Everyone

Tutors, students and parents can log into their own individual dashboard through any web browser to see their classes, invoices, announcements & more.

All The Essential Features You Need To Make Your Workflow A Breeze

As a leading software solutions company in Singapore, we noticed how the existing solutions for the tuition industry were particularly limited, not to mention outdated. So we sought to add a breath of fresh air to the market by introducing the Edulabs Software, which was created with the specific needs of education centres in mind.

Lessons Scheduling & Attendance

Traditionally, you or your team would have to spend hours if not days, planning the entire upcoming month's lessons and try to arrange tutors' schedules around it. With Edulabs, the month's schedule can ready in minutes.

Invoicing & Accounts

A major source of admin headache is of course, payment matters and keeping track of everything. Our invoice module is able to handle complex payment scenarios such as merging and reconciling invoices among multiple students per parent and is the direct result of real feedback from centres. Tutor payroll can be auto-calculated as well.


Easily communicate with students & parents via either class-level, subject-level or individual sending of Email or SMS. Save precious time and reduce the need to make phone calls one by one.

View by Day, Week or Month

Have a bird’s eye view of upcoming lessons with Day, Week or Month views on an individual tutor level.

Comprehensively Add Subjects, Levels and Classes

Manage all of your classes easily on your own in seconds, grouped by their levels and subjects, without messy Excel sheets.

Manage Lessons Effectively

This is the main table for viewing all lessons, and can be further filtered to show by Class, Lesson Date, Tutor name and Lesson Status. It will also show the full list of students for each lesson.

Attendance Taking On A Tablet

Taking attendance couldn't be easier! Inspired by how fitness classes take their attendance, we came up with a simple interface that will allow tutors or admin staff to take attendance in seconds.

Complete Features List

Lessons & Attendance

  • Sort students by subject, level and class and generate reports
  • Generate lesson schedules based on single or recurring classes
  • Have a bird’s eye view of upcoming lessons with Day, Week or Month views
  • Arrange for make-up lessons
  • Take attendance digitally and save admin staff from tedious data entry work
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Invoicing & Accounts

  • Create single and recurring invoices and records payment received
  • Reconcile invoices for parents with more than one child enrolled
  • Able to manage complex payment scenarios
  • Auto-calculate tutor payroll based on custom rates per hour
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  • Tutor & Parent Dashboards to see past and upcoming lessons
  • Mass send SMS or Email to students and parents of a particular subject, level or class
  • Customisable email template with your centre's branding
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Frequently Asked Questions

Edulabs School Management System was built with tuition and enrichment centres in mind. While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is typically for companies of 50-250 employee SMEs, smaller SMEs can also benefit from an ERP system.

Our goal at Edulabs is to provide a multi-centre School ERP solution for tuition centres who have been relying largely on excel sheets and paper documents.

While there are existing school/student management systems available on the market today, most are targeted towards large private/public schools and not education centres with under 100 students per centre. As a software product that was designed and built with Singapore education centres in mind, we sought to address the needs of the education centres we meet with in terms of being agile and quick in implementing new features.

There are larger software companies out there and also bespoke software development firms but we believe that none come close to delivering the value we offer in terms of feature set and pricing due to our deep focus in providing solutions of education centres.

We use a hybrid approach to developing the Edulabs Student Management System. Our goal is to offer 80-100% of what a typical tuition or enrichment centre needs with the added benefit of allowing for customisations that are unique to the education centre such as special payment modes and unique ways in which the lessons are structured and planned.

Ultimately, we seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds – a ready-made education centre solution with the majority of key features that they need and with the added flexibility of customisation to deliver a cost-effective and tailor-made education software solution.

Besides a one-time project fee to develop and customise the software for your needs, we also do have an ongoing fee for cloud hosting of the software as well as to provide client support via email / Whatsapp / phone calls. 

We treat your data with utmost privacy and confidentiality and all data will only be handled by our local staff here in Singapore. Our systems are hosted locally and we generate daily backups of all your data in the cloud to ensure maximum uptime and security.

We provide a complimentary data importing service for all users – be it trial users or clients. Enjoy your free 14-day trial today by filling in the form below.

All of our software products are 100% web-based, so you just need an internet connection and browser.

Currently, we only provide a web application version but a mobile app is in the works and will be rolled out to existing users free of charge.

Most of our clients first go on a free 14 day trial with us before committing to our software. And we recommend that as well so you can get a feel of what our software can do, and provide your feedback in terms of areas where the software can be improved or customised to better suit your centre’s needs.

From then onwards, the re is a one-time setup and license fee as well as a subscription fee of S$188 monthly for unlimited students, parents and tutors. 

Additional centres can be added on at a preferential rate as well.

Yes, there is the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) by SPRING that helps to subsidise up to 70% of project costs.

We would be happy to assist in the grant application process and provide the required documents for submissions.

You can fill up the form at the top or bottom of this page and our consultants will schedule an appointment with you at your centre to provide a product demo as well as your trial account.

Our Clients

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