Innovative School Management System For Singapore Education Centres & Schools

Edulabs is a revolutionary cloud-based software designed for the needs of tuition & enrichment centres, music schools, swim schools and institutes in Singapore. Whether you are offering group classes or personal classes or a mix of both, get everything you need to manage and grow your school the smart way.

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Edulabs Software is eligible for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to defray exactly 80% of project cost from now till 31 March 2022. The remainder after EDG is further deductible using SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC). Learn more

Save Time

Reduce 80% of admin work with features like lesson scheduling, attendance taking, invoicing, teacher payroll and more. Access your data on-the-go on any device.

Better Planning

Do better business planning from better managing invoices & payments received, student numbers, classroom availability and calculation of tutor payroll.

Ease of Use

Intuitive and beautiful user interface that all your Admins, Students & Parents will love. Web-based software so all you need is a web browser to use Edulabs.


Student & User Management

  • Add Unlimited users: Students, parents, teachers and admin staff
  • Data migration service included to import all students and parents using excel sheet
  • E-registration forms to replace paper forms and eliminate data entry, with e-signing of terms & conditions
  • Every student has a detailed Student Profile page that displays personal information and auto-captures activity and lesson history, deposits, invoices and payments
  • Set user access rights and privileges across a single or multi-branch setup
  • Auto-generate logins for Student and Parent Portals to show respective lessons, invoices, attendance and reports


Lesson Scheduling & Attendance

Traditionally, you or your team would have to spend days if not weeks, planning the entire upcoming month's lessons and try to arrange teachers' schedules around it. With Edulabs, the month's schedule can ready in minutes.

  • Data migration service included to import classes and match students into classes using excel sheet
  • Auto-generate lessons for a class for the entire year in minutes
  • Calendar view sorted by teacher or by classroom. Daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Easily add students to a makeup lesson or allow them to place a booking on the student portal
  • Auto-suggest makeup lessons for booking based on lesson availability in the student portal
  • Teachers can take attendance digitally on smartphones and tablets.
  • Facial recognition technology for 99.99% accurate attendance marking
  • Manage cohorts and auto-promote students

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Finance, Invoicing & Payroll

A major source of admin headache is of course, finance matters and keeping track of everything. The finance module is able to handle scenarios such as:

  • Auto-generate first invoice with deposit and one-time fees just by adding student into class
  • Auto-generate recurring invoices just by adding student into class
  • Auto-update invoice for next month/term if student is enrolled in an additional subject/class
  • Suitable for Monthly, Termly or Per Lesson Billing
  • For schools using per lesson billing: The number of lessons in a given month or term can be counted and billed accordingly
  • Auto-generate invoice when there is a low balance of credits left (For schools using lesson credits)
  • Supports customised discounts (Sibling, Additional subject etc.)
  • Supports GST calculation
  • Auto-send new invoices and receipts via SMS/Email
  • Record payments for different modes (PayNow, Cash, Cheque, NETS)
  • Manage deposits, credit notes and refunds
  • Automatically calculate teacher's payslip
  • Manage hourly or per lesson rates for teachers based on the level/subject or student count
  • Generate end-of-day closing summary
  • Integrate with Stripe for online payment (Premium Add-on)
  • Integrate with Xero or Quickbooks Online (Premium Add-on)

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Send Email, SMS & Whatsapp

  • Easily communicate with students & parents using Email or SMS
  • Broadcast to all or to select groups of parents enrolled in a particular class or subject
  • Send invoices, payment reminders, receipts and progress reports
  • Save precious time and reduce the need to make phone calls
  • Coming soon: Sending of Whatsapp messages

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  • Generate End-of-term Student Progress Report showing the recorded exam/test scores as well as evaluation and remarks from teachers.
  • Generate Class Attendance Report by month or term.
  • Generate Admin Reports for Enrolment, Revenue by Teacher, Daily/Monthly Accounts
  • Custom Admin reports can be done on request.

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Introducing DBS Rapid

Singapore's First & Only School Management Software to be integrated with DBS Rapid. How it works: Firstly, a unique PayNow QR code is generated for each student or each invoice and automatically added to their invoice. When a parent makes payment, incoming payments are immediately verified by the system and the receipt can then be sent out by Edulabs to the parent.


Launching April 2021

Enjoy Instant Payment Reconciliation with DBS RAPID

Singapore’s First & Only School Management Software to be integrated with DBS RAPID

  • What is DBS RAPID?

    DBS RAPID (Real-time API by DBS) is a digital solution that can be integrated into its corporate customers’ systems or platforms to facilitate banking transactions and services in real-time.

  • How can it benefit my school?

    With the seamless integration, you can receive funds via a Paynow QR code that is dynamically generated for each of your customers. Your customers can pay using Paynow from any of the 9 participating banks (DBS/POSB, UOB, OCBC, Citibank, HSBC, Maybank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China, ICBC).

    In this way, the Edulabs system can then reconcile incoming payments in real-time. Incoming funds will go into your corporate bank account as per normal. Invoices will be automatically marked as paid without having to check and tally up with your ibanking statements.

  • What is the cost?

    For each transaction, it only costs a $0.25 SGD flat fee compared to 3-4% with most payment processing methods such as NETS, Credit Card etc. The cost of integration with DBS RAPID will be shared upon enquiry.

  • What are the pre-requisites?

    DBS RAPID requires the use of a DBS corporate bank account which means your company will have to sign up for one.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Feel free to give us a call at +65 88084280 if you have any questions not already answered here.

      Edulabs School Management System was built with tuition and enrichment centres in mind. While Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is typically for companies of 50-250 employee SMEs, smaller SMEs can also benefit from an ERP or Management system.

      Our goal at Edulabs is to provide a multi-centre School Management Software for tuition centres who have been relying largely on excel sheets and paper documents.

      While there are existing school management systems available on the market today, most are targeted towards large private/public schools and not education centres with under 500 students per centre. As a software product that was designed and built with Singapore education centres in mind, we sought to address the needs of the education centres we meet with in terms of being agile and quick in implementing new features.

      There are larger software companies out there and also bespoke software development firms but we believe that none come close to delivering the value we offer in terms of feature set and pricing due to our deep focus in providing solutions of education centres.

      We use a hybrid approach to developing the Edulabs Student Management System. Our goal is to offer 80-100% of what a typical tuition or enrichment centre needs with the added benefit of allowing for customisations that are unique to the education centre such as special payment modes and unique ways in which the lessons are structured and planned.

      Ultimately, we seek to provide our clients with the best of both worlds – a ready-made education centre solution with the majority of key features that they need and with the added flexibility of customisation to deliver a cost-effective and tailor-made education software solution.

      Besides a one-time project fee to develop and customise the software for your needs, we also do have an ongoing fee for cloud hosting of the software as well as to provide client support via email / Whatsapp / phone calls
      All of our software products are 100% web-based, so you just need an internet connection and browser.
      Most of our clients first go on a free 30 day trial with us before committing to our software. And we recommend that as well so you can get a feel of what our software can do, and provide your feedback in terms of areas where the software can be improved or customised to better suit your centre’s needs.

      From then onwards, the re is a one-time setup and license fee as well as a subscription fee of S$250 monthly for unlimited students, parents and tutors.

      Additional centres can be added on at a preferential rate as well.

      Yes, there is the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) that helps to subsidise up to 80% project costs. The balance after EDG can be further defrayed using SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), so the entire project could be free!

      We would be happy to assist in the grant application process and provide the required documents for submissions.

      You can fill up the form at the top or bottom of this page and our consultants will schedule an appointment with you at your centre to provide a product demo as well as your trial account.