All-in-one Training Management System for Singapore Training Providers

Designed to support training providers in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector. This new system offers training providers an all-in-one solution to digitalise their data and records, and is linked to SSG systems, thereby reducing admin workload and boosting efficiency.

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Edulabs Training Management System (TMS) is eligible for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to cover 70% of project cost. The remainder after EDG is further deductible using SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC). Learn more

Automate & Save Time

Reduce 80% of admin work. Staff can access the latest data on-the-go on any device.

A Complete TMS System

Includes a base of essential features, yet with the ability to customise to your exact requirements.

Integrated with SSG TP Gateway

Enhanced point-of-sale experience. Simplify the backend admin work required

Manage Course Categories

The training course categories can be split into two types, internal (in-house training) and external (based on WSG and Non-WSG training courses).

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Automatically Generate Training Schedule

Automatically generate the training schedule for each individual batch/course. Training sessions/lessons in this table can be filtered by batch, trainer, course and more.

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View Schedule on Trainer Portal

Trainers can view their own schedule on the Trainer's portal and mark attendance for each session.

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Attendance Taking

Trainers can take attendance digitally on their own smartphone or tablet devices.

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E-learning & Online Courses

Trainers can upload lesson content and video lessons and build comprehensive online courses.

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Add text, video and attachments to each lesson

Add lesson materials (PDF, word document) and Youtube or Vimeo links of the recorded lesson videos.

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Online Assignments

Online submission of assignments can be facilitated by the system, which will notify the respective learner of any new assignment.

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Trainers can mark or grade assignments in Trainer Portal

Once the trainer has marked, the trainer can indicate on each assignment with a “Marked” status and the learner will be notified automatically via email.

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Learners can view their marked assignments in Learner Portal

The marked assignment can be viewed in the Learner's portal.

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Question Bank for Online Quiz

A list of questions can be added and organised inside a Question Bank. Multiple question types are supported including MCQ, open-ended SAQ and Fill in the blanks. Advanced question formats are also supported such as selecting an entire row or column as the correct answer option for MCQ questions involving tables.

Questions can be organised by topic and difficulty level for easy filtering.

Trainers will be able to easily compile worksheets (for online assignment or for printing) and also compile and assign quizzes from this question bank.

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Administer Entry Tests & Online Quizzes

Quizzes can have a countdown timer included. MCQ Questions can be auto-marked by the system and students will be able to have their submitted quiz automatically marked.

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Performance Summary for Online Quiz

Generate real-time performance reports with a breakdown analysis of each question.

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Built-in Zoom Integration with Auto-Attendance Marking

Learners can access live Zoom lessons from within the learner's portal, without the need to download the Zoom software. The system is also able to automatically mark the learner's attendance.

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Generate Certificate of Completion

Certificates can be generated and auto-populated with the learner's name, course name, date of completion and authorising signature.

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"Edulabs that has truly revolutionized the way we operate my school. As a happy customer, I cannot recommend Edulabs enough for their exceptional service and innovative solutions. Before we switched to Edulabs, our school faced several bottlenecks in our administrative work. We spent countless hours on manual tasks, leaving us with little time for other important duties. However, Edulabs came and solved all these problems."

Jerald Lie
Founder, Achievers' Dream Learning Centre

"If you are a school or centre owner and looking for a system to ease your pain of administration and save time and money, look no further. I am a happy customer of Edulabs' system."

Sandra Lim
Founder, The Nuggets Academy

"It was an extremely pleasant and smooth experience working alongside Samuel and his team. The Edulabs system really helped to streamline the processes for our tuition center and made our business more efficient and productive. I highly recommend the system to any education business out there who are looking to adopt a school management system!"

Darrell Er
Founder, Overmugged

"It has been a pleasure working with Samuel and his team. They have been utmost professional and prompt with their responses which allowed us to work closely without disruption. Samuel also understand our needs intricately and does not hesitate to implement or suggest features that can better suit our operational requirements. Edulabs has been useful for us and we look forward to having Edulabs support our entire Client Relationship Management needs."

Wong Shou Yee
Co-founder, Think Teach Academy


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