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Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed specially for the needs of tuition and education centres in Singapore. Get everything you need to manage and grow your centre the smart way.

Basic Registration Form

Edulabs includes a full set of student e-registration forms for different student types (Regular, Trial and Holiday programme etc.), including e-signing for acknowledgement of terms & conditions

Once the form is submitted, the completed registration form PDF is automatically emailed to the parent. Admins would receive email notifications for each new registration.

Active de-duplication of parents based on parent mobile no. even if the same parent uses the registration from for a new child, to ensure no duplicate parents in the system.

Form fields can be customised to your exact requirements.

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Advanced Registration Form

Our most advanced registration form which acts like a ``self-serve kiosk`` and can be loaded up in a tablet and placed at your counter. It is a 4-in-1 form that can register the student, select the class to enroll in (based on the real-time availability of the class), generate invoice and present payment methods on the spot - all without an Admin's action.

Form fields can be customised to your exact requirements.

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Customisable Student Fields

Need to make changes to your form later on? With customised student fields, you have full control over the fields that show on the registration forms and on the student profile.

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Withdrawal Request Form

Receive and process withdrawal requests using this form, which the student or parent can fill up directly. Admins would receive notifications for each new request.

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"The Edulabs consultant is extremely professional and completed the project successfully. We are blessed to have his expertise and customisation in order to make our operations run even smoother. He is always reachable and provides very prompt service and training to my team. We are appreciative of his efforts."

Jerald Lie
Founder, Achievers' Dream Learning Centre

"It has been a pleasure working with Samuel and his team. They have been utmost professional and prompt with their responses which allowed us to work closely without disruption. Samuel also understand our needs intricately and does not hesitate to implement or suggest features that can better suit our operational requirements. Edulabs has been useful for us and we look forward to having Edulabs support our entire Client Relationship Management needs."

Wong Shou Yee
Co-founder, Think Teach Academy


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