Lesson Scheduling & Attendance

Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed specially for the needs of tuition and education centres in Singapore. Get everything you need to manage and grow your centre the smart way.

'Super Calendar' View

Our proprietary “Super Calendar” view allows users to see lessons by either Teacher or Classroom, where each columns represents a teacher or classroom.

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Class Schedule

Set class schedule for each individual class and generate lessons for the entire year in minutes. Or use our data migration service to import in all your classes using excel sheets. After which, students can also be added to classes using excel sheets.

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Teacher Schedule

Teacher’s own schedule is updated on their respective teacher dashboards.

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2 Step Lesson Rescheduling

Easily reschedule a student into a makeup lesson with a 2-step process. Simply click on 'Edit Lesson' then proceed to remove a student from a lesson. Next, simply add the student to the desired makeup lesson.

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Attendance Taking

Attendance can be taken on a “present by default” mode where all students are indicated as “present” for your convenience, after which you can indicate the absent students before saving.

Teachers are able to view their respective lessons and input the attendance from the teacher dashboard.

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Attendance Report

View attendance reports either for a single class or a specific student by month, term or custom date range.

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Manage Levels, Subjects & Classes

Comprehensively add all Levels, Subjects & Classes

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Manage Classroom Capacity

Set maximum capacity for each classroom with spots allocated for students attending regular lessons or makeup lessons. This would allow the student to book a makeup lesson in their student dashboard where a lesson has makeup lesson slots available.

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