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Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed specially for the needs of tuition and education centres in Singapore. Get everything you need to manage and grow your centre the smart way.

All-in-one Finance Module

  • Auto-generate first invoice with deposit and one-time fees just by adding student into class
  • Automatic pro-rating of first invoice
  • Auto-generate recurring invoices just by adding student into class
  • Auto-update invoice for next month/term if student is enrolled in an additional subject/class
  • Suitable for Monthly, Termly or Per Lesson Billing
  • For schools using per lesson billing: The number of lessons in a given month or term can be counted and billed accordingly
  • Supports GST calculation
  • Auto-send new invoices and receipts via SMS/Email
  • Record payments for different modes (PayNow, Cash, Cheque, NETS)
  • Manage deposits, credit notes and refunds
  • Integrate with Stripe for online payment (Premium Add-on)
  • Integrate with Xero or Quickbooks Online (Premium Add-on)

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Invoice Creation & Updating

Most of the time, the auto-invoicing feature creates the student's first and subsequent invoices when the student is added to the class. In this way, there is no need to do up invoices by hand, one by one.

But when you have to create an invoice on an ad-hoc basis, it is simple and straightforward. Simply add items from the list of invoice items.

Sale of holiday workshops can all be done on an ad-hoc basis.

Choose either to generate an invoice one student at a time or by bulk for the entire class.

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Convenient Split Screen Invoice Preview

Having an invoice preview window saves time and prevents clutter on your web browser as all invoices can be easily previewed without opening it in another tab. Simply preview and record payments on an invoice.

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Send Invoice link via SMS/Email

  • Auto-generate a private invoice link for the parent to view the invoice without the need to log in
  • Present all payment options to the parent
  • The figures shown on the invoice are dynamic and change in real-time as the invoice is amended by an Admin, so it is more ideal as compared with sending invoice PDF

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Dynamic PayNow QR Code

  • Auto-generate a unique PayNow QR code for every invoice, with funds going directly to your company's UEN
  • The key benefit is that once the PayNow QR is scanned by the parent's ibanking app, the amount payable is non-editable by the parent and with the student's name and invoice number auto-filled in the PayNow reference field. This helps with manual reconciliation later on in your ibanking records.

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Apply Discounts Automatically

Apply customised discounts automatically or manually. Create your own discounts for additional subject, sibling discount etc.

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Manage student deposits

Automatically adds student deposit when an invoice containing a deposit is fully paid for. Upon student withdrawal, convert the deposit into a credit note to offset the last invoice.

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Teacher's Pay Calculation

  • Add teacher's hourly pay rate for a specific teacher or a specific class
  • Manage tiered pay rates based on student count in a lesson
  • View teacher's monthly timesheets
  • Generate teacher's monthly hours report

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"The Edulabs consultant is extremely professional and completed the project successfully. We are blessed to have his expertise and customisation in order to make our operations run even smoother. He is always reachable and provides very prompt service and training to my team. We are appreciative of his efforts."

Jerald Lie
Founder, Achievers' Dream Learning Centre

"It has been a pleasure working with Samuel and his team. They have been utmost professional and prompt with their responses which allowed us to work closely without disruption. Samuel also understand our needs intricately and does not hesitate to implement or suggest features that can better suit our operational requirements. Edulabs has been useful for us and we look forward to having Edulabs support our entire Client Relationship Management needs."

Wong Shou Yee
Co-founder, Think Teach Academy


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