Innovative School Management Software Designed For Tuition Centres & Schools

Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed for the needs of tuition centres, music schools, swim schools and institutes in Singapore. Whether you are offering group classes or personal classes or a mix of both, get everything you need to manage and grow your school the smart way.

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Edulabs Software is now eligible for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to defray up to 70% of project cost

Save Time

Reduce 80% of admin work with features like lesson scheduling, attendance taking, invoicing, teacher payroll and more. Access your data on-the-go on any device.

Better Planning

Do better business planning from better managing invoices & payments received, student numbers, classroom availability and calculation of tutor payroll.

Ease of Use

Intuitive and beautiful user interface that all your Admins, Students & Parents will love. Web-based software so all you need is a web browser to use Edulabs.


CRM & User Management

  • Comprehensively add and manage all users accessing the system
  • Easily issue dashboard logins to Students & Parents to show respective lessons, invoices, attendance


Lesson Scheduling & Attendance

Traditionally, you or your team would have to spend days if not weeks, planning the entire upcoming month's lessons and try to arrange teachers' schedules around it. With Edulabs, the month's schedule can ready in minutes.

  • Generate lesson schedules either manually or automatically.
  • Gain a bird's eye view of lessons with our proprietary “Super Calendar” view that displays lessons for individual teachers and classrooms.
  • Take attendance digitally on smartphones and tablets.
  • Manage cohorts and auto-promote students to the next class or next year.

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Finance, Invoicing & Payroll

A major source of admin headache is of course, finance matters and keeping track of everything. Edulabs Finance Module is able to handle scenarios such as:

  • Auto-generating invoice upon student registration.
  • Recording of received payments through different modes (Cash, Cheque, NETS, Credit Card, Paypal, DBS Paylah!, Paynow etc.)
  • Keeping track of Teacher's attendance and generate teacher payroll for both full-timers and part-timers.
  • Managing different pay rates for teachers across different classes.
  • Reconciling the day's accounts and received payments.

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Send Email, SMS & Whatsapp Messages by Class

  • Easily communicate with students & parents via either class-level, subject-level or individual sending of Email or SMS.
  • Save precious time and reduce the need to make phone calls one by one.
  • Coming soon: Sending of Whatsapp messages

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  • Generate End-of-term Student Card Report showing the recorded exam/test scores as well as remarks from teachers.
  • Generate Class Attendance Report by month.
  • Generate Financial Reports like Cashflow, Invoice, Payments reports.
  • Custom reports can be done upon request.

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Excellent after service. I would recommend Samuel and his team. Sometimes the smaller companies provide a level of service that bigger firms cannot offer.

Matthew Fast Managing Director, United Language Centre

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