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    See All Users At A Glance

    • Comprehensively add and manage all users accessing the system - Admins, Teachers, Students, Parents.
    • Manage user access rights for each type of user - which pages they can see and what actions can be done

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    Sales CRM

    • Automatically collect leads from your enquiry & trial registration forms
    • Categorise leads by sales stages
    • Send out Email or WhatsApp to parent
    • Convert a lead into a waitlist student, trial student or a regular student
    • Assign leads to a staff member
    • Track conversion rates for each sales stage

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    Easily Convert Leads into Trial or Regular Students

    • 1-click conversion into a trial or regular student, without filling up another form
    • Track conversion rates for each sales stage based on this conversion done

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    Student Management

    • Manage the different types of students - Regular, Trial, Holiday Programme
    • Filter students by level, class or by parent's mobile no.
    • Students are also managed by the student status (active, inactive, graduate)
    • View the classes and siblings of each student

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    Student Profile Page

    • See all details about a particular student in a one place
    • View & update student particulars
    • View enrolled classes, lessons, invoices, payment history, deposits
    • View an activity log of each student
    • View all sent messages (Email / WhatsApp) that are sent to the parent

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    Student & Parent Portal

    • Generate and send out user logins to Student/Parent Portal by email. Users can then view lesson schedule, arrange/request for make-up lessons, view invoices & payments and update their particulars
    • Each student can be given access to a student portal
    • Parent portal access can also be issued for students who are too young to self-manage their own portal

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    Parent Profile Page

    • View all the enrolled children that a parent has
    • The system has active de-duplication of parents to ensure that if the same parent were to register for another child, the system will automatically attach the new student to the same parent by using parent mobile no. matching.

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    Teacher Profile Page

    • See a teacher's assigned classes, individual schedule and profile information
    • For part-time teachers, the teacher's hourly rates for payroll calculation can also be managed on this page

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    Manage Admin Access Rights

    • Manage admin list with varying user access rights (Regular Admin, Super Admin, Centre Manager, Accountant)
    • Further access rights can be granted for admins to manage one or multiple locations/outlets

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    "Edulabs has truly revolutionized the way we operate my school. As a happy customer, I cannot recommend Edulabs enough for their exceptional service and innovative solutions. Before we switched to Edulabs, our school faced several bottlenecks in our administrative work. We spent countless hours on manual tasks, leaving us with little time for other important duties. However, Edulabs came and solved all these problems.

    Another aspect that sets Edulabs apart is their exceptional customer service. The team is always available to answer our questions and offer support whenever we need it. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely care about our satisfaction. Since switching to Edulabs, we have saved countless hours of administrative work and have been able to focus on other important tasks."

    Jerald Lie
    Founder, Achievers' Dream Learning Centre

    "I am delighted to share my positive experience with Edulabs School Management System. This system has greatly enhanced our company's operations, allowing each member of our administrative team to efficiently handle a larger number of students while reducing the likelihood of human errors.

    The well-designed interface is intuitive and user-friendly, catering to the needs of our backend admin staff, parents, and students alike.

    One standout feature of Edulabs is their exceptional customer support. Whenever our admin team requires clarification or assistance, the Edulabs team responds with remarkable speed and accuracy, ensuring that we can continue to operate smoothly."

    Calvin Kong
    Founder, Concept First Tuition Centre

    "Thank you for the great support from Samuel and his team at Edulabs. Their system is definitely the best in the market as we have done our comparison for the other solutions in the market.

    Productivity has increased greatly thanks to a very user friendly sch mgmt digital system. Invoicing time has been reduced from 7 days to 2hours and with zero human errors.

    Our sch is very pleased with the system. Thank you Edulabs!"

    Kim Yap
    The Dance Station

    "It has been a pleasure working with Samuel and his team. They have been utmost professional and prompt with their responses which allowed us to work closely without disruption. Samuel also understand our needs intricately and does not hesitate to implement or suggest features that can better suit our operational requirements. Edulabs has been useful for us and we look forward to having Edulabs support our entire Client Relationship Management needs."

    Wong Shou Yee
    Co-founder, Think Teach Academy

    "This innovative platform has transformed our operations, allowing our administrative team to manage a larger student base more efficiently while minimising human errors.

    A highlight of our experience with Edulabs is the outstanding customer service.

    Edulabs isn't just a web-based school management system; it's a game changer. Features like automated digital invoicing, easy student registration and effective communication tools have saved us invaluable administrative time. Most significantly, the Edulabs system has been a lifeline in easing our billing processes. With Edulabs, we've seen a significant boost in productivity, reducing invoicing time drastically and eliminating errors. For any educational institutions looking to streamline their processes, Edulabs is a no-brainer. The system, coupled with the exemplary support, stands out in the market. It's not just a management tool; it's a strategic asset."

    Trinity Wang
    Founder, Writers' Guild


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