Academic Management

Edulabs is a revolutionary web-based software designed specially for the needs of tuition and education centres in Singapore. Get everything you need to manage and grow your centre the smart way.

Manage Levels & Subjects

Levels and subjects can be easily set up and managed on this page. (Note: For some schools, this is renamed to programmes & modules)

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Manage Classes

Classes easily set up and managed on this page.

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Single Class Page

Student are added into a class after they have registered. Each class will have a weekly, recurring schedule. Lessons are then accurately and automatically generated based on the recurring schedule.

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Manage Terms or Calendar Months

Depending on your billing cycle (either by month or by term), it is managed on this page.

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Manage Public Holidays

The system is able to skip over days that are an ``excluded day``, such as public holidays or centre closure and not generate out lessons on these days.

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Student Progress Report

Teachers are able to input test marks or other forms of grading for students in a class. And a progress report can be emailed to the parent.

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Graduation & Bulk Promotion

At the end of each year, graduating and promoting all students to the next level in bulk, takes no more than 5 minutes.

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Trusted by 100+ schools who have transformed their operations


"Edulabs that has truly revolutionized the way we operate my school. As a happy customer, I cannot recommend Edulabs enough for their exceptional service and innovative solutions. Before we switched to Edulabs, our school faced several bottlenecks in our administrative work. We spent countless hours on manual tasks, leaving us with little time for other important duties. However, Edulabs came and solved all these problems."

Jerald Lie
Founder, Achievers' Dream Learning Centre

"If you are a school or centre owner and looking for a system to ease your pain of administration and save time and money, look no further. I am a happy customer of Edulabs' system."

Sandra Lim
Founder, The Nuggets Academy

"It was an extremely pleasant and smooth experience working alongside Samuel and his team. The Edulabs system really helped to streamline the processes for our tuition center and made our business more efficient and productive. I highly recommend the system to any education business out there who are looking to adopt a school management system!"

Darrell Er
Founder, Overmugged

"It has been a pleasure working with Samuel and his team. They have been utmost professional and prompt with their responses which allowed us to work closely without disruption. Samuel also understand our needs intricately and does not hesitate to implement or suggest features that can better suit our operational requirements. Edulabs has been useful for us and we look forward to having Edulabs support our entire Client Relationship Management needs."

Wong Shou Yee
Co-founder, Think Teach Academy


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